Brittney Griner should ‘OBEY THE F***ING LAW’: former World Series MVP speaks out against WNBA player

For many of us, we never particularly cared for Curt Schilling during his MLB playing days. Schilling played for five different teams – including the much-despised Red Sox and Phillies – and was considered a staff ace for most of his career.

Yet while many of us rooted against Schilling and his teams, very few of us ever questioned his skills or tenacity; see Schilling’s 2004 ‘bloody sock’ incident for reference. If we’re being honest, most of us would have loved to have him pitching for our team.

During his career, Schilling was famous as a ballplayer and nothing else. If he ever weighed in on political matters during that time, his comments were subtle and relatively benign; the way active athletes should approach politics.

Since his retirement in Boston in 2007, however, Schilling has been vocal in speaking out for conservative causes, to the point many now associate the right-hander more with his opinions than with his once-great, lights-out four-seam fastball.

What’s particularly admirable about Schilling’s pro-America, right-wing activism is the question of his Hall of Fame eligibility. When we say Curt Schilling was a great pitcher, we’re not exaggerating.

More so than with any other professional sport, admittance to Cooperstown is especially difficult to achieve, and Schilling has been right on the cusp of election for several years now.

Only the best of the best reach that highly coveted honor and players are reliant on the favor of the Baseball Writers Association of America, a group that tends heavily to the political left. S

o, when Schilling weighs in on radical Islam, his opposition to transgender bathroom laws, and his support for Donald Trump, he’s likely setting himself up for receiving fewer Hall of Fame votes for fence-sitting baseball writers. But Schilling isn’t going to be silenced.

Curt Schilling clearly doesn’t care and speaks his mind anyway. He was at it again recently, this time offering a reasonable but controversial take on the left’s current martyr, Brittney Griner. Consider this brilliant tweet from Schilling:

Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Just obey the damned law… problem solved. Being a conservative commentator in modern America, or even for folks who merely want to express a conservative opinion nowadays, it’s not a difficult endeavor.

All one needs to do is to observe, mentally process the situation with logic and common sense, draw a conclusion, and then state it. As Tony Soprano might say, “Bada bing, bada boom. Game over.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the Brittney Griner story, you can find the detail here.

The Readers Digest version goes something like this: Griner is a privileged black, lesbian professional basketball player who made millions of dollars in the U.S. but trashed her country at every opportunity, including refusing to even enter arenas until after our National Anthem was played.

In February, she was caught entering Russia at a Moscow airport with cannabis oil, which is a crime in Russia. She’s now been in prison since then, has pled guilty, and could be facing a decade behind bars. Meanwhile, American leftists are outraged at one of their own being held accountable.

Schilling’s basic root cause analysis, which probably took all of five seconds to complete, and the colorful articulation of his opinion should not be controversial; F-bombs excluded.

When we travel to other states and countries, we’re responsible for obeying their laws. We’re entitled to disagree with those laws, but we don’t have the right to break them. And if we do, we’re held accountable; all of us.

Consider this scenario: If Brittney Griner had been a non-famous, 5’11”, heterosexual average white man from East Jabbip, Ohio, who idiotically decided to travel to Russia with some weed and a bong and subsequently got arrested and imprisoned, would any of us have even heard of him?

Would there be clamoring from hysterical leftists to “Free Johnny Jumpshot!”? Or would anyone hearing about the story here in the states simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Johnny is a moron, and it serves him right. He should’ve known better.”

And that’s what Mr. Schilling is essentially saying: If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Congratulations, Brittney Griner. You won.

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