Neil Diamond surprises crowd with rare ‘Sweet Caroline’ performance no one saw coming

Neil Diamond is one of the greatest musicians of all time. For almost 50 years, he continuously filled concert halls until he reluctantly retired in 2018 due to complications form Parkinson’s disease.

“It is with great reluctance and disappointment that I announce my retirement from concert touring. I have been so honored to bring my shows to the public for the past 50 years,” Diamond announced at the time in a statement through PEOPLE magazine. “This ride has been ‘so good, so good, so good’ thanks to you.”

Since that time, Diamond has not sung in public, except for a few surprise performances no one could see coming.

The most recent of which was just before his 82nd brithday during the opening night the Broadway musical based on his life, ‘A Beautiful Noise’.

After walking the red carpet with his family, Diamond entered the theater to a standing ovation. After moving to his seat, he was given a microphone.

The crowd expected him to say a few words, but no one could expect what happened next.

Watch Neil Diamond lead the theater in what may be one of the greatest crowd-pleasers of all time.

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